Portrait Mariane Sauzet designer d'espace, design lyon
| Mariane Sauzet |

Mariane Sauzet, Designer, formed at the school Boulle in Paris, decide in the year 2000 to create its own furnitures, lamps and carpets under the brand C.Mariane.S © (Label DESIGN FRENCH). Spread in her showroom MS-MIS EN SCENE Interior Design in Lyon (France), her creations are staged, to create very colored atmospheres, punchy, design and declinable in many sizes and colors and according to the desire for the customer.

Creative custom-made product. It is for the taste pronounced for atypical universes, that Mariane SAUZET, decided 14 years ago to invent, through its creations, products « not industrialized », «above the trendy», news pieces having an utility and esthetics , in the arrangement of ornamental inside while telling the initial story of the products: a furniture, a lamp, a carpet designed as a «part» Arty, between Art and Design.

Her showroom «laboratory», situated Bellecour square in Lyon puts her in direct contact with the public. She experiments each of her creations there and can measure the success of these «exceptional» pieces.

‘Life is colorfull’ …